Occult-In commune with nature

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The Goan
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10th December 2016
Occult-In commune with nature

Occult, an exhibition of works of 6 renowned artists from Indore, Madhya Pradesh will be inaugrated at Carpe Diem, Majorda on December 10. While Anis Niyazi is inspired by nature, Pankaj Agrawal has pursued and practiced academic painting with extreme alacrity and dedication. This is evident in all of his work from allotrope paintings, drawings with black ink to giving life and form to a piece of clay or capturing the reflection of brightness through his camera lens. Rajesh Sharma on the other hand symbolizes grandeur through his artistry. Premendra Singh Goud's work is dominated by a certain cognition of his nature. His paintings suggest that the artist is "Shiva", the supreme God, who has imbibed in himself all the worldly toxins to spread the canvas with the elixir of life.

Subhash Chouhan on the other hand is a rather traditional artist with a unique style decked with his own scheme of colours. Subjectively his work depicts the exposed shape of a female body with all the depth, nodes, complexities and beauty it holds. The last painter in this group of artists' is Anil Kumar Sharma who also brings the essence of nature to the canvas, His paintings offer a world of sensual delights, such as the flickering of light off water, the changing colours of the sky, the miraculous multitude of colours, lines and forms in nature. The exhibition will remain open till December 23.