About us

It all started with a thought.

I often thought that all of us have this unseen side to ourselves, talented and adventurous. Unfortunately, it remains hidden, at times even for a lifetime, unless we are lucky.

Lucky enough to take the plunge.

Life would be a lot more colourful if we could realise our dreams and interact with others who were living theirs! What if we create a place where people get a chance to discover new sides to them and also appreciate the talents of others?

Hence Carpe Diem!

“Carpe Diem” which popularly translates into “Seize the Day”, is exactly that. It is the place for those who need to discover, explore or exhibit their passion!

It will open doors to art, dance, music, yoga, theatre or performances, or for that matter even book reading, film screening, workshops, classes or self-help and confidence building courses!

Whatever your passion or interest, we look forward to welcoming you to Carpe Diem as you take the plunge into a journey of self discovery seizing the day and your dreams!

Daegal Godinho