Dr Subodh Kerkar's art exhibition at Majorda

Published By: 
The Times of India
Dated On: 
11th January 2023

Artist Dr Subodh Kerkar's work 'Luciferase' on artworks that are themed around his favourite subject - the ocean.The exhibition will open on the evening January 14'23 and will continue to be on display until Feb 12.

Luciferase is an enzyme which is responsible for the glow of the zooplanktons (algae) found in the ocean.A qualified medical professional, he gave up medicine to pursue arts 30 years ago.He is an artist and an activist and uses art to comment on social, political, religious and other issues.He has carved a niche for himself, especially in the field of conceptual art and land art.He spent his childhood, walking on the beaches with his artist father, Chandrakant Kerkar. These walks consolidated his relationship with his father and with the ocean.

Subodh Kerkar’s installations are heavily washed by the ocean, both literally and metaphorically.He creates his ephemeral installations using thousands of mussel shells, pebbles, palm leaves, boats, fishermen and sand.The ocean is both inside and outside his works, his master and his muse.Subodh creates large works on the seashore, which are often infused with politics and history.