In his father’s footsteps

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The Navhind Times
Dated On: 
15th March 2022
In his father’s footsteps

If you’ve been following art and artists in Goa, a quick glance at the paintings currently adorning the walls at Carpe Diem, Majorda and you would probably think they are by the Goan artist Mohan Naik. But, look closely and you will discover a different signature, that of his son Mohit, who is exhibiting his works for the first time.

His first show of artworks titled ‘Ghodkem: My Journey Begins Here,’ take inspiration from his father’s works, works of other art masters, memories of his childhood and his surroundings. Indeed having been brought up in an isolated village of Ghodkem, where life was slow compared to the urban areas, artist Mohan was always inspired by the village which are seen in his paintings. And the young Mohit was inspired by his father and his paintings.

“I had started painting from a very young age, as the art material was easily available for me. We used to go for a walk in our village, around the mountains to develop inspiration, experience those beautiful sceneries and use it in the paintings. My father always used to guide me as to how I could develop and improve my paintings. I remember I had painted my first canvas when I was in class 5,” recalls Mohit.

However, Mohit then went on to pursue studies in commerce and then a degree in integrated MBA from Goa University. But after working in the corporate field for a few months, he decided to quit and get back to where he always had a calling - art.

But finding his way back was not without its challenges. “I realised I had to start art right from scratch due to the break I had taken because of my career,” he admits. And three months later there was lock-down because of coronavirus. “I took advantage of the time to work with full dedication. Since we could not move out and meet others, I used to go and sit on top of the mountains behind our house with a sketchbook, studying the trees and sketching whatever I saw,” he tells us.

The artist started working with watercolours and practiced different techniques with mediums like oil and acrylic colours. “Oil and watercolours are my favourite mediums. The effects with these mediums totally satisfy me,” he says, adding that his father motivated and guided him on different techniques with different mediums which helped 1mprove his artworks. “I also got to meet a few of the artists, who are close to me and thus I am improving and developing my work,” Mohit tells us.

The subject in his paintings, he adds are inspired by his father, Mohan’s paintings, and other things which he sees around him in their native village. “I can see our village slowly changing, and those changes are coming out in my paintings too,” he says.

And while there are similarities between his work and that of his father, Mohit is unapologetic it. “I’ve been looking at his paintings and other things from our village since my childhood so one can see the reflections of his works in mine. There are similarities I’ve subconsciously picked up from him and my surroundings, together with developing some of the things of my own. I don’t want to change my paintings forcefully but want the changes to come over time,” says Naik, adding that he will continue to experiment with different techniques in art as he tries to develop a unique style. He also plans to move to different places, meet different artists personally and know about them and their artworks to get inspiration which he thinks will help chanelise his creativity.