Getting nostalgic with exhibition ‘Reminiscence‘

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Navhind Times
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30th Jan 2018
Getting nostalgic with exhibition ‘Reminiscence‘

Looking at the paintings at an art exhibition, 'Reminiscence' by senior artist of Goa Mohan Naik, a art enthusiast Jenny McCoy emphasised on how important it is to decorate your house with his art piece at the inaugural of the art exhibition held at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda recently

Jenny mentioned that she has bought three paintings Naik that simply stand out. She described his art as worth buying and advised people to buy the paintings. The exhibition was inaugurated by sculptor, jeweller and performing artist, Andrew Logan by lighting up the traditional lamp

Naik's paintings are mostly centric to village life and villagers. Through Reminiscerce, he depicts the farming activities farmer's family and life of shepherds. There are paintings that are based on the work life of farmers and shepherds.

People may have noticed that Naik uses the goat as his subject most of his paintings. At this exhibition, the paintings include goats as well as birds. He has used mild shades of browns in most of the paintings exhibited at Carpe Diem. While he has also worked with greens in some of his art works.

Besides, art lovers can see three new sculpture relief paintings at this exhibition Naik said "I have created three sculpture relief paintings here. I worked with fiber and oil to create them. This was just an experiment If people appreciate it, I will invest more of my time in doing relief paintings in future."

Naik said that village life and shepherds have been part of his life since childhood "I notice shepherds even at a place where I reside now, and feel that village life has influenced me greatly. All my paintings are on the characters that form a village. Villagers dressing style as per their work and their activities are something that I see on regular basis," he mentioned.