Expressing her visions on canvas

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The Goan
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27th July 2017
Expressing her visions on canvas

Suhasini Kirloskar, a self taught abstract artist from Pune will be exhibiting her works of art titled Lost and Found Vistas at the Carpe Diem Art Gallery in Majorda between August 1-13.

Lost and Found Vistas, she says, is a collection with a lot of joy and exuberance, yet there are reflective and meditative tones as well. You will see cosmic landscapes, possible nebulas, and landscapes where fire and ice come together.

A B-school graduate and marketing strategy consultant, Suhasini's tryst with the world of art began when she was a school girl in South Mumbai as she frequented the Jehangir art gallery, NCPA and the Taj Art Gallerie. She remembers seeing noted artists like MF Husain from close quarters and feeling inspired by their work.

However, by her own admission, she began painting only ten years ago, more to express the 'visions' that she witnessed on canvas. "In these 10 years, I have spent long hours, painting. I will be paint splattered, practically submerged in paint, for two days at a stretch," says Suhasini, who adds that her work is not totally abstract.

"You can sometimes see forms, such as landscapes or trees or flowers. It is labelled as 'abstract' because it is not realistic. I usually never aspire for realism. I try to capture imagination and dreams. I paint landscapes, but with the feeling that 'maybe there could be a world like this'" she says.

According to Suhasini, art has added a welcome dimension to her life."It is not just a great stress buster for me, but a source of inspiration and joy," Suhasini says.

Suhasini has two solo art shows so far in Pune. The first was titled 'Worlds Beyond' and was held in 2013 and the second was in early 2017 and titled 'Lost and Found Vistas'. It is this show that she is bringing to Goa in early August.

"I think the Goa show will become my most memorable-the first show outside Pune, and in the beautiful state of Goa!" she says enthusiastically.

Suhasini's excitement about coming to Goa is palpable. "In Goa, art and aesthetics are everywhere. Whether it is the beaches or the beautiful temples in Ponda, the churches of Old Goa or even a single candle in a small village chapel flickering in the evening, this state has a unique aesthetic sensibility," says Suhasini.