Earth, Sand & Fire

Earth, Sand & Fire: The Consequences

We take immense pleasure in inviting you to our first show in the new year!

Earth, Sand & Fire : The Consequences - An exhibition of handcrafted Ceramics & Glass

by Ramdas Gadekar and Nandini Datta

Opening night - 18th January 2019 

At : 7 pm

The exhibition will be open until 5th February '19 from 10 am - 7 pm (Mondays closed)


About the artists:

Ramdas Gadekar
“Through my ceramic creations I attempt to integrate the interdisciplinary forms of murals, print making and hand-built pottery to express my ideas and thoughts. Beginning with my recent series of ceramic art based on the colonial influences on Goan architecture this exhibition aims to showcase familiar facades seen in Goa while also highlighting the local aquatic life found in our sea, our rivers and lakes - an essential part of our ecology and diet.”

Nandini Datta
“Clay and Glass have given me the opportunity to express myself through colours, shapes, textures and forms. I enjoy working with both mediums as they give me a free rein to create interesting pieces which are abstract and fun! My pieces are handmade and the final finish is a combination of slab and coil construction, modeling and mould making, carving, painting, glazing and firing.”