The Accidental Artist

Published By: 
The Herald
Dated On: 
11th August 2017
The Accidental Artist

A marketing consultant by profession, Suhasini Kirloskar switched gears and turned her hand to painting full time, partly to cope with an empty nest and mainly to finally pursue her passion for art. She spent her childhood in Mumbai, taking in shows by established local and international artists. She also spent a considerable amount of time visiting museums and galleries abroad. And yet, art was not a full time engagement until her children were grown and had left home to pursue their education and work goals.

In a natural progression of her appreciation and affinity for the arts, Suhasini turned to painting and the result is her first exhibition in Goa, Lost & Found Vistas at Carpe Diem Gallery in Majorda.

The real world fails to capture her artistic imagination and Suhasini finds her joy through abstraction. Dreams, fantasy, imaginary worlds and formlessness harmoniously come together in her vibrant works. The artist is entirely self-taught and perhaps that's why paints freely and joyfully without any constraints of training and 'rules'. She paints as she likes with the passion and freedom, without the need to 'fit in' to any particular style or idiom.

Her works sppeak for themselves. They are wonderful experiments in colour and texture and very pleasing to the eye. An artist who follows her intuitive feelings and emotions, Suhasini starts the work and lets the magic unfold as the painting evolves and takes its own course. These evocative images do kindle an emotive response in the viewer too. It is deeply encouraging and freeing for aspiring artists to see this kind of experimentation and laboured creative process that this artist has come to all by herself.

While she started the process of art-making purely for personal enjoyment, Suhasini's talent and creativity has come into its own and is developing into an individual style. With this well received solo show in Goa behind her now, who knows where her new-found artistic career might take her.