Stories of common people

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The Goan Everyday
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6th Sept 2019
Stories of common people - Salt of the earth

Salt of the Earth a solo exhibition by local water colour artist Rudi D'Sllva opened on August 31 will be on display until September 12 from 10 am - 7 pm (Mondays closed) at Carpe Diem Art Gallery - Majorda. The exhibition comprises of 35 works capture local folk and their traditional occupations. Rudi's flare for watercolours comes together to portray the intricate expressions and tell-tale life story lines on the faces of simple Goan men and women going about their traditional tasks such as selling flowers, bananas, chillies, mending shoes and fishing nets. The opening night saw many prominent local figures including Dr. Christopher D'mello and inaugurated the show as well as other known art collectors, connoisseurs, friends, well-wishers of the artist as well as his art students and other artists.