Konkani idioms, phrases weaved in art to showcase human behaviour

Published By: 
The Goan
Dated On: 
21st Febuary 2023
Damodar exhibition

Titled ‘Aapun Melyabagar Swarg Disana’ (You can’t see heaven unless you die) a solo exhibition by Goan sculptor and artist Damodar Madgaonkar will open at Carpe Diem Art Gallery in Majorda on February 25. The show highlights the artist’s views on human behaviour through the use of many popular Konkani idioms and phrases.

Damodar’s fascination with the elephant form has driven him to use it as a muse in his works, as he believes there are lots of similarities between the two species. The artworks are created using mixed media on paper and canvas and are intricately detailed and remind of human nature and behaviour in simple mundane actions and decisions one makes on a day-to-day basis.

“In today’s world, people think life is to be enjoyed in heaven and not on earth because of which they do ugly things in expectation of a better life in heaven. But they do not understand what they will do without a body in heaven and a soul to feel,” stated the artist while elaborating on the theme of his show.

“As per me, one should enjoy one’s life to the fullest on earth because there is no better heaven than earth and there is no better feeling than living life to the fullest. Making life on earth akin to heaven is in our hands. However, to make it happen, we have to work hard and not rely on others. As one has to die to see heaven, one has to work hard to live a heaven-like life,” said Damodar who has been fascinated by elephants and believes that all human beings have elephant behaviour in them, trying to bring it out in his artworks.

“I hope people enjoy my work and interpret it in their own way. I always love to hear about these interpretations because they sometimes broaden my own perspective. Of course, I would love the audience to figure out my thought process without me having to tell them but varying interpretations only enrich the artworks,” he said.

“These artworks will of course pose different questions to the audience and I am happy to let them interpret it on their own and not hand-hold them through the process,” said Damodar. The exhibition will remain open between Wednesday to Sunday every week until March 19.