Opening up a world of artistic expression

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The Goan Everyday
Dated On: 
3rd November 2019

In an out-of-the-box exhibition seven abstract artists from across India will be coming together in an exhibition titled 'UNLTDUNLTD' taking place at two venues simultaneously - at Carpe Diem in South Goa and at Sadhana Dell Arte in North Goa. The exhibition which will be opening on November 16 at 7 pm at Carpe Diem and November 17 at 7pm at Sadhana Dell 'Arte, will remain on display until Decembers both venues. A few of the artists will also be conducting workshops at both venues, gung folks a chance to personally interact with them and learn a few tips regarding their style of art.

It is said that abstract painting is considered one of the purest forms of expression, as it allows its creator to freely communicate visually without the constraint of forms found in objective reality. The seven artists will showcase their exceptional creativity in the form of paintings on canvas / paper. They will be available in person to interested art enthusiasts who would want to learn about their style of art through the workshops.

One of the artists Bhagwan Chavan Who is also a teacher, uses colour in a unique manner. His use of transparent and opaque tones balances the intensity of fierce colours dealt with in a lyrical way with sweeping lines and brush work The Chennai based artist's works are bold expressions through dynamic brush strokes.

Munir Jehan from Mumbai brings to the table her artworks from a series titled Phantasmagoric. With the real fear that development, moving at the pace it is, will destroy nature around us, Munir still chooses to see the beauty of the existing symbiosis between the two. A Peepal tree growing from the cracks of a thick wall is an example of how the two worlds merge and blur the borders. Hence what comes through in her at is comradeship and an environment without boundaries.

M S Amarnath, a teacher by profession in Bengaluru who holds a PhD in Visual Arts, has been painting for the past 35 years. Through the use of postmodern language, he filters out the visual language from cultural and social activities of those around him. Spontaneity and a focus on the equilibrium of firm, colour and space define his style.

Suhas Shilker, an abstract artist from Goa has been steadily working on his 'mark making' ever since he graduated from Goa College of Art in 1982. For the past three decades, time, forces of nature and human activity, create, obliterate, hide, reveal and suggest various forms, textures, lines and moods on the surfaces Of his artworks. One can describe his works as 'elegantly subversive'.

Satish Wavare, a 3D artist from Mumbai, is recognized for his use of a wooden comb in his art. The process of painting on a wooden comb is a personal experience for Satish wherein he feels the work is complete only when he becomes one form, colour, line, wood, paper, water, oil, pencil and ink.

Prakash Waghmare’s artworks are amalgamation of his experiences and the created thoughts and sentiment wherein the artist is no more than a mediator in the creation of abstract art. The five elements of life earth, fire, water, air and ether are present as the eternal sensations in his paintings. Prakash lives in Mumbai and has been painting for the 30 years.

What makes Mumbai based Jyotee's works distinct enough her to stand out amongst of the other well-known Indian abstract artists, is the element of a subtle narrative that runs through her series of paintings. One can look closely at the seemingly random strokes and discover the living form that lurks in the artwork, often twisted and contorted and trying to the make use of its limbs to express something larger. In open spaces and blocks of deep colours, there is a dancelike interaction between abstract and form.