Mythical Gibberish - A Multi-media Solo Exhibition

Mythical Gibberish!




Environmentalist, educationist and ceramic artist Bipasha Gupta’s latest solo multimedia exhibition opening at Carpe Diem Gallery Majorda, Goa has exactly that title!


Consisting of a series of exquisitely crafted and glazed ceramic Cockatoo bird sculptures as well as a series of tea stained paintings of Indian mythical birds and creatures, this exhibition promises to bring the world of fantasy to one’s doorstep.

Bipasha is a self-taught artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is an alumni of the famous Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. She has been painting and working with clay for umpteen years and had many shows both nationally and internationally. Recently choosing to settle down in Goa, Bipasha today conducts regular wheel throwing and hand-built pottery classes at Carpe Diem in addition to conducting corporate sessions on mindfulness and more. She has also been the founder and coordinator of the annual Goa Potter’s Fest which has been held over the past two years.

As a child in Calcutta, Bipasha fondly remembers the many poetry reading sessions her late grandfather, who was bed-ridden at the time, held with her. One of his favourite books was “Abol Tabol”, a book of children’s rhymes and poetry written by Sukumar Ray in Bengali and published in 1923. Loosely translated it could mean “Whimsical Rhymes or Gibberish” and among the many stories told through the book, were characters such as many a cockatoo – a kind of parrot  with very unique traits, peeves and habits. In this imaginary and magical world there would exist one such bird who loved butterflies, another pickpocket who stole fish, an arrogant cockatoo and so on… These wonderful creatures and their colourful unrealistic and nonsensical surroundings fascinated her as she grew up and travelled around the country with her parents, who were then in the armed forces. Today she brings to us a series of creative works from that vivid memory and imagination of yesteryears. 

Along with these marvellous sculptures, Bipasha bring to us some intricately painted Indian Mythical creatures. Stories in Indian mythology have been passed from generation to generation either by word of mouth or through carefully stored scriptures. A natural evolution the stories occurs in the process of being handed over from generation to generation for centuries, leading to multiple stories being told about the same characters. Bipasha brings forth these different elements of Indian mythology through this myriad of paintings, which are both educational and recreational. Through these visuals she portrays the subtle maxims to life defining paradigms that the stories aim to convey.

The exhibition remains open for viewing and sale until Sunday 16th April from Wednesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 7pm.