Clayey Hands And Ceramics

Published By: 
The Navhind Times
Dated On: 
27th May 2016
Clayey Hands And Ceramics

Carpe Diem Art and Learning Centre in Majorda conducts ceramic classes every Wednesday. These classes are guided by ceramic artist Ramdas Gadekar.

As an intern at the centre I had a chance to experience one of the classes first hand. Students attending this class need to have love, interest and dedication for art irrespective of their profession. Pottery is made by forming a clay body into an object and then heating it at high temperatures in a kiln.

Students are taught different techniques starting with kneading and moulding with specific techniques such as coil,pinch and slab. According to students, kneading clay is a difficult job and yes it is, one could see them working like oxen in the field while kneading it. The more you sweat while kneading it, the better it is!

After kneading the clay, they moulded the clay in different shapes and left it to dry. Students here do not use the potter's wheel but construct objects using their hands while getting dirty and messy! Ramdas said when the dried object is heated in the kiln, there are 20 per cent chances of breaking it and there is no way of modifying it again. The kiln temperatures could vary from 800 degrees to 1200 degrees Celsius depending on whether it is a biscuit firing or glazing and type of clay being used. Large scale production of ceramics is done with the help of moulds and labourers. Now we know the reason behind ceramics being expensive. Behind every ceramic object are clayey hands, hard work, dedication and creativity.

Every student who attends the class will surely be content when they look at their work. Classes like these keep the art of pottery alive!