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NT Buzz
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11th July 2017

A travelling art exhibition titled 'The Crimson Wave' (TCW) has been organised by social enterprise, with Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda. The exhibition will be open to public viewing till July 16.

Co-founder of Boondh, Bharti Kanna said that the organisation is working on a business model to create social impact, particularly in the space of menstrual health with respect to knwoledge, period and body positive education and sustainable menstrual health products.

Boondh's social mission is to make the menstrual cup available in India at affordable prices, so that women have the chance to manage their periods in a healthier, economical and environmentally friendly way."The Bengaluru-based enterprise was established in 2016 and conducts healthier and sustainable menstrual health sessions to create awareness on menstruation, menstrual hygiene practices and sustainabilty attempting to positively affect gender and public health outcomes," said Bharti.

'The Crimson Wave'(TCW) was launched on World Menstrual Health Day on May 28, 2017 in Chennai. It was then taken to Bangalore where the exhibition was showcased till June 12. TCW exhibition will then travel to Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune after the Goa show.

"TCW started as an initiative to curate artwork on menstruation. It is as a form of engaging in menstrual activism and helps widen discourse on breaking myths and taboos surrounding menstrual blood being dirty or impure, gender stereotyping, including men, trans and disabled, and about menstrual practices around the world," said Bharati.

Artists from all over the globe like Jen Lewis, Priyanka Paul, Shreyas Prakash, Jaishree Garg, Devika Mohan, Ramanjot Chana, Lyla FreeChild, Kira Issar, Aru Bose, Sreedevi Sadasivan, Bansri Thakkar, Consuelo Da Costa, Spandanika, and Arpit have contributed their artwork for this initiative.

This exhibition showcases the works of artists who have shared their views, perspectives and approaches to menstruation using different media such as canvas and paint, digital paintings, documentaries, installations, written word and more. Based on facilities with venue partners in different cities, Boondh takes 'The Crimson Wave' and Erythrean(paintings with menstrual blood) to different cities and invite public to engage with these artworks and share their reflections and reactions with the team and the wider world using #menstruart on social media.

Daegal Godinho from Carpe Diem, Majorda expressed that he is honoured to be a part of a larger social mission, especially one that hopefully will help make life easier for the average individual here in Goa or India. IN this case we also have the opportunity to help break the stigma assocaited with women's health and hygiene. So we are happy to be a part of it,"he said.