The Artists

Published By: 
Navhind Times
Dated On: 
1st December 2022
The Artists

Akash Gaonkar - From Chorla Ghats on the border of Goa, he bases his work on the geographical, mythical and traditional stories of his land.

Akshaydeep Gawade - An artist whose focus has been on the living elements of environment, his inspiration for sustainability is opposed to the human need and lust for money and a reminder of surviving and thriving in coexistence with other living elements.

Ashish Phaldesal - A quiet visual artist whose inspiration stems from love for nature, bird watching, and natural hues and colours.

Jodan Inacio De Souza - He treasures his family’s fishing culture and is concerned about human greed and its ability to harm the environment around us.

Mrinal Sawantodkar - Her Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe status has built her identity. Through her art, she aims to display values of communal harmony that her community maintains through its strong ties to both Hinduism and Christianity.

Narayan Vernekar - An artist who believes his goldsmith jewellery family background has shaped his life, he spends time exploring the subject of human co-existence with living nature.

Prayuj Velip - A landscape artist who aims to capture the timelessness and emotional destruction of his hometown landscape, he focuses on issues of illegal mining. He also explores the natural organic traditional practices of his community, a designated scheduled tribe, and questions the general backward outlook of people towards them.

Sahil Naik - Hailing from Sanvordem, a rural part of Goa, his close connect with nature is strong and through his work, both paintings and installations, he aims to show the ugly side of urbanisation and the potential destruction of the environment through double tracking of railways running through his village.