Art Investments 2020

Published By: 
The Navhind Times
Dated On: 
2nd July 2020
Art Investments 2020

In an effort to promote art appreciation and collection, whether for pleasure or as an investment, Carpe Diem Art and Learning Centre, Majorda begins its first exhibition in what will become a series of shows that highlight both successful as well as potentially successful artists whose works already hold or stand to hold a good chance of becoming collector’s pieces.

The exhibition titled Art Investments Goa: 2020 that will be open till August 31, highlights three Goan artists, namely, Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal, Vitesh Naik, and Rajesh Chodankar - each of whom have had their own measures of success and value in the art market, but all holding tremendous potential to be seen as investments worth making by anyone who is willing to appreciate and support the arts.

Each of these artists who have been painting for over 25 years bring to the show their experience, an understanding of what art lovers are looking for and quality that can only come with the years of dedication to their passion for art.

(The exhibition will be on display till August 31. The gallery will remain open from, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm)