Art Investment 2020

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The Herald
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18th March 2020
Art Investment 2020

Art Investments Goa: 2020 - 3 artists to watch out for!

Art is often seen as something purely recreational, sometimes therapeutic, at times even frivolous and most often something only those extremely well-to-do would spend any money on.

Yet history has shown us that art has been the core of all civilisations that prospered - primarily because it enriched the cultural and societal experience, documented events, created narratives and snapshots of that era and even gave the larger public a voice and platform on which their views could be expressed. Art has caused and fuelled revolutions and encouraged change. And art collectors the world over understand the value of collecting and preserving art.

In an effort to promote art appreciation and collection, whether for pleasure or as an investment, Carpe Diem begins its first exhibition in what will become a series of shows that highlight both successful as well as potentially successful artists whose works already hold or stand to hold a good chance of becoming collectors pieces. Art Investments Goa: 2020 is a show that highlights 3 select Goan artists, Sonia Sabharwal Rodrigues, Vitesh Naik and Rajesh Chodankar - each having had their own measures of success and value in the art market, but all holding tremendous potential to be seen as investments worth making by anyone who is willing to appreciate and support the arts.

Each of these artists who have been painting for over 25 years bring to the show their experience, an understanding of what art lovers are looking for and quality that can only come with the years of dedication to their passion for art. As we end this financial year and start planning our next, let us make room for providing ourselves with investments that will give us both satisfaction as well as value - and simultaneously may we encourage the arts in our community and help enrich our own culture’

Venue: Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda

Date: March 21, 2020