Art with Heart

Having worked with a lot of models from different countries, Goan artist Norman Tagore who also runs a sketch club for international and Indian artists is showcasing works done by him over the last three years at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda celebrating love. ‘Love: The Naked Truth’ also includes four works of four international artists mentored by Norman who have collaborated with him for the exhibition.

An idealist and optimist at heart, Tagore’s pop art focuses on the theme of love and companionship and incorporates angelic wings, floating happy couples, slogans on love and symbolic imagery that leaves the viewer in a very relaxed and what might be described as a pleasantly intoxicated mood. Besides these painting styles he has always been inspired by the more radical and seemingly unstructured form of graffiti with idols such as Banksy and many more influencing him and motivating him to experiment more in this field. Tagore still chooses to stick to his theme of love in these works too.


In conversation with Tagore:

Q. How have you explored love and its myriad facets through your artworks?

Love is a very beautiful and important feeling. Without love, our actions and existence is meaningless. I have arrived at a stage in my life where I see no difference between me and another being.

We are all one. I love life in all its forms without judging. I draw and paint because h nurtures my soul. My art is just a reflection of this state of mind.

Q. Why dåd you call it ‘Love: The Naked Truth’?

This title was chosen by Daegal who owns Carpe Diem Art Gallery. Probably he has tried to combine the Valentine’s season theme and my focus on the nude in my art-works to come up with this title.

Q. Tell us about your inspiration for these artworks?

In this exhibition I have focused primarily on the human nude. I have worked in a variety of media like oils, charcoal, watercolours, and inks. I was exposed to the nude human form at a very early age and was mesmerised. Probably that explains my love for the human form.

Q. Why do we need to be expressive, be it through art or through our emotions about love, a universal language, and truth?

From pie-historic times, early humans have been involved in two important activities - hunting or gathering food, and artistic expression. Be it cave paintings, dance or any other art form, expression gives more meaning to our mundane existence. I cannot imagine life without visual art, dance, literature, music, cinema, or any other art form.

(‘Love: The Naked Thuth’ will open on February 15, 7p.m. at Carpe Diem, Majorda)