Alice In Wonderland

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The Goan
Dated On: 
8th June 2017
Alice In Wonderland

TG-Life: When did you start painting? Did you paint as a child, in school, college?
Susan: I began officially painting only in 2001. However, I began as a child and won numerous art competitions in school and even came second in the All-Delhi Christian poster competition in 1987. But I did not paint again in college and restarted only around 1998.

TGL: Does art and painting relax you? What happens when you start painting and complete an artwork?
Susan: Painting rejuvenates me. It is a passion. I am fortunate that I am able to transform my perspective into a form that people can appreciate.

TGL: Is painting more interesting than international travel or being a flight attendant?
Susan: I live to travel. It is my bones with the army/ airline and expat background I am once again blessed. I have visited so many cultures that has inspired my style and concept of art. I use my global nomadic experiences in my themes and use my Japanese sumi-e, ink wash style as well as Chinese brush style.

TGL: Why did you choose to paint nudes? Is it the same as painting a landscape? Does your mindset change?
Susan: I chose the female form to paint because I felt it is beauty undefined-sensual yet elegant. I wanted a bolder theme and felt Goa was a good place to start the unveiling. I usually study the topic I wish to paint, then draw from my own photography and other sources that made an impression on me. Only then do i make a rough sketch. Once i establish a view point, I draw directly on the paper or canvas-free hand and work on one piece at a time till it is completed. If i am satisfied then i keep it, otherwise I crumble it up and restart from scratch!

TGL:What is your message to potential Goan patrons?
Susan:In India we need to change our mindset of viewing human form as objects and learn to honour and respect the divine female goddess in each of us.

TGL: What's the message behind your paintings?
Susan: Clothes are just fashion and distraction. One must remove the veil of harshness and hence I feel nudity is the purest way to be perceived without distraction. I use shadows and colour to softly cloak the curves of the female form.